skotte (skotte) wrote,

Guess what this isn't!

NICK TAHOU'S! It's now "Steve T's Hots & Potatoes" The fFine print reads "Owned and operated by Steve Tahou and fFamily" So I guess it's still, like, the same, kinda, in thoeory .. but but .. it's NOT!

I need to go by the downtown location and see if they are also no longer "Nick Tahou's"

**BOGGLE** fFirst the heroes shocker, and now this!?!?!? my world is about to implode!!!

Okay, okay, Nick died a decade ago, so maybe this is just a changing of estate and means very little. But grahh!! Why isn't this fFront page news or something? What is Rochester without Kodak and Tahou's?

UPDATE: I am happy to report, the downtown location still bears the ratty old sign "Nick Tahou Hots." Maybe they haven't gotten around to changing it, maybe there was a company split, maybe the store as-is is some sort of landmark and cannot be changed. I don't know.
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